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Lutte Lanaudière ( 1992/05 - 1995 )
Northern Championship Wrestling ( 1995 - )
Québéc Heavyweight Title
(as of 2016/09/04)

Frank Blues1992/05/05Joliette, QC
Defeats Phil Bélanger to become the first Lutte Lanaudière Québéc champion.
Dream Killer1993/12/04Joliette, QC
Frank Blues [2]1995/06/03Joliette, QC
Becomes NCW Québéc Title.
Phil Bélanger1995/11/18Épiphanie, QC
Black Bear1996/02/18Montréal,Qc
Vacant in 96 when Black Bear leaves the promotion.
Le Géant Golem1996/04/28Montréal, QC
Defeats Caméléon in tournament final.
Iceman1996/12/13Lavaltrie, QC
Frank Blues [3]1997/05/24Rigaug, QC
Iceman [2]1997/05/31Beauharnois, QC
Syl le Sadique1998/01/31Montréal, QC
Iceman [3]1998/06/13Joliette, QC
Marc le Grizzly1998/10/10Montréal, QC
Dream Killer [2]1998/12/21Montréal, QC
Marc le Grizzly [2]1999/01/30Montréal, QC
Dream Killer [3]1999/04/24Montréal, QC
Marc le Grizzly [3]1999/06/05Joliette, QC
Piranah (Chase Ironside)1999/10/09Montréal, QC
Le Géant Golem [2]1999/12/18Montréal, QC
Piranah [2]2000/04/01Montréal, QC
Le Géant Golem [3]2000/04/15Montréal,Qc
Piranah [3]2000/05/20Montréal, QC
Chakal2000/11/04Montréal, QC
Piranah [4]2000/12/02Montréal,Qc
Franky The Mobster2001/01/13Montréal,Qc
Guy Williams2001/03/10Montréal, QC
Piranah [5]2001/06/02Montréal,Qc
Cobra2001/10/06Montréal, QC
Declared vacant after a match against Piranah when Cobra suffers concussion and is out of action indefinitely.
Iceman [4]2001/11/24Montréal, QC
Defeats Nightmare in 16-man tournament final.
Chakal [2]2002/02/09Montréal, QC
Franky The Mobster [2]2002/03/23Montréal, QC
Chakal [3]2002/05/18Montréal, QC
Nightmare2002/10/12Montréal, QC
Defeats Chakal and Chase Ironside in 3-way match.
Deniss Sensation2002/11/23Montréal, QC
Nightmare [2]2002/12/07Montréal, QC
Black Eagle2003/01/25Montréal, QC
Manuel Vegas2003/03/22Montréal, QC
Defeats Black Eagle and then Chakal, who has defeated Chase Ironside, in a Double Jeopardy Match.
Chase Ironside [6]2003/09/27Montréal, QC
Manuel Vegas [2]2003/12/20Montréal, QC
Franky The Mobster [3]2004/02/21Montréal, QC
Chakal [4]2004/04/03Montréal, QC
Manuel Vegas [3]2005/05/14Montréal, QC
Jake Matthews2005/09/10Montréal, QC
James Champagne2005/11/05Montréal, QC
Defeats Matthews, Bishop, and Chakal in 4-way match.
Bishop2005/12/17Montréal, QC
Jake Matthews [2]2006/03/18Montréal, QC
Defeats Bishop, Manuel Vegas, and Gorgeous Mike in 4-way match.
Bishop [2]2006/05/13Montréal, QC
Don Paysan2007/12/15Montréal, QC
Samson2008/10/25Montréal, QC
Sylvain Grenier2008/12/20Montréal, QC
Nova Cain2009/02/07Montréal, QC
Don Paysan [2]2009/05/16Montréal, QC
Defeats Cain and Sylvain Grenier in 3-way match; Grenier is injured earlier in the match.
Samson [2]2009/12/12Montréal, QC
Vacates on 10/02/27 due to health issues.
Tank2010/05/15Montréal, QC
Defeats Mr. Cobra and Gorgeous Mike in 3-way match after Tank and Cobra become the two finalists of 16-man tournament.
Gorgeous Mike2010/09/25Montréal, QC
James Stone2011/01/22Montréal, QC
Defeats Gorgeous Mike, Don Paysan, and Jay Phenomenon in 4-way match.
Jay Phenomenon2011/05/14Montréal, QC
Handsome J.F.2011/10/22Montréal, QC
Frank Blues [4]2011/12/10Montréal, QC
Handsome J.F. [2]2012/01/14Montréal, QC
Defeats Blues and Pat Guénette in 3-way elimination.
Dru Onyx2012/06/02Montréal, QC
Pat Guénette 2013/05/04 Montréal, QC
Urban Miles 2013/12/14 Montréal, QC
Pat Guénette [2] 2014/05/17 Montréal, QC
Dru Onyx [2] 2014/12/13 Montréal, QC
Defeats Guénette, William Brady, and Alextreme in 4-way match.
Chakal 2015/05/02 Montréal, QC
Teams with Bishop to defeat Onyx & Stew Korvus in a tag team match.
Leon Saver 2016/04/16 Montréal, QC
Scott Jagged Parker 2016/06/19 Sainte-Thérèse, QC