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Northern Championship Wrestling
Cruiserweight Title

Don Paysan2003/09/13Montréal, QC
Defeats Steven the Sweet Boy, Raid, Alex Price, Sexxxy Eddy, and Chris Stevens in 6-man elimination match to become the first champion.
Chris Stevens2003/10/11Montréal, QC
Defeats Don Paysan, Alex Price, Steven le Sweet Boy, and Nick Blade in a 5-way match.
Don Paysan [2]2003/12/20Montréal, QC
Julie le Red Fuxx2004/02/21Montréal, QC
Alex Price2004/03/20Montréal, QC
Don Paysan [3]2004/05/01Montréal, QC
Alex Price [2]2004/07/23St-Pascal de Kamouraska, QC
Defeats Don Paysan, Nick Blade, and Davey Jackson in a 4-way match.
Don Paysan [4]2004/07/24St-Agathe, QC
Alex Price [3]2004/08/14Montréal, QC
Stalker2004/11/13Montréal, QC
Alex Price [4]2004/12/11Montréal, QC
Nick Blade2005/05/14Montréal, QC
Defeats Price, Julie le Red Fuxx, James Kraven, and Adrian O'Ryan in a 5-way match.
James Kraven2005/09/10Montréal, QC
Defeats Vaness Kraven (subbing for Blade), Julie le Red Fuxxx, and Adrian O'Ryan in a 4-way match.
Adrian O'Ryan2006/02/18Montréal, QC
Defeats Kraven and Guil Reno in a 3-way match.
Guil Reno2006/05/13Montréal, QC
Ziggy Stardom2005/09/30Montréal, QC
Sidi Mansour42006/11/25Montréal, QC
Alex Price [5]2007/03/03Montréal, QC
Deniss Sensation2007/05/19Montréal, QC
Alex Price [6]2007/10/27Montréal, QC
Anna Minoushka2007/11/24Montréal, QC
Awarded when Price leaves the promotion.
Binovich Fouranov2007/11/24Montréal, QC
Chakal2007/12/15Montréal, QC
Defeats X-Treme champion Black Eagle and Cruiserweight champion Binovich Fouranov in 3-way match to unify both titles.

* See NCW Triple Crown Title.