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Internet Wrestling Syndicate ( 2002 - 2004 )
International Wrestling Syndicate ( 2005 - 2010 )
World Tag Team Title

Hardcore Ninja #1 & Maxx Fury2002/03/1619Laval, QC
Win a tournament to become the first champions; during the tournament Ninja #1's partner and Heavy Maxx Fury's partner are injured so they team to win the tournament; the team later split and dispute who has control of the titles.
Hardcore Ninjaz: #1 & #2 2002/04/2019Laval, QC
Defeat Green Phantom & PCP Crazy F'N Manny to claim the disputed titles.
Faces Of Death: Face Of Death & Iceberg2002/07/1319Laval, QC
Hardcore Ninjaz [2]2002/08/1719Laval, QC
Hi-5: Beef Wellington & Kid Kamikaze2002/11/2319Laval, QC
Green Oil: eXceSs 69 & Green Phantom2003/07/1219Laval, QC
Extreme Revolution: Crazy Crusher & Nightmare Manson2003/11/1519Laval, QC
Syndicat de Lutte Internet: Damian & Viking2004/01/1719Montreal, QC
Flying Hurricanes: Kenny the Bastard & Takao2004/09/2519Montreal, QC
2.0: Jagged & Shane Matthews2005/08/2019Montreal, QC
Hardcore Ninjaz [3]2006/06/0219Montreal, QC
Mean & Green: Dru Onyx & Green Phantom 2006/12/0219Montreal, QC
Green Phantom & Sexxy Eddy2007/03/24
Eddy replaces Onyx.
Hardcore Ninjaz [4]2007/04/2819Montreal, QC
2.0 [2]2007/07/1419Montreal, QC
Super Smash Brothers: Player Uno & Stupefied2007/09/2219Montreal, QC
Franky the Mobster & Twiggy2008/03/2219Montreal, QC
Defeat Super Smash Brothers, Dan Paysan & Jimmy Stone, and Jagged & Shane Matthews in an elimination match.
Up In Smoke: Cheech & Cloudy2008/08/2319Montreal, QC
Defeats Twiggy & El Generico, subbing for Franky.
Untouchables: Dan Paysan & Jimmy Stone2009/01/1019Montreal, QC
Rock And Roid Express: Franky the Mobster & Twiggy [2]2010/03/0619Laval, QC
Promotion closes on 10/10/09.