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CIXS ( 1998 )
Dawson Wrestling Federation ( 1998 - 1999 )
World Wrestling Syndicate ( 1999 - 2000 )
Internet Wrestling Syndicate ( 2000 - 2004 )
International Wrestling Syndicate ( 2005 - 2010 )
World Heavyweight Title

Sexxxy Eddy 1998/04
Defeats S.O.B.D.O.C. to become the first CIXS Champion; later rnamed DWF Title.
Heavy Maxx Fury 1999/04/23
Renamed WWS Title in 99.
TNT1999/06/17Montreal, QC
Defeats Fury and Franky the Mobster in a 3-way match.
Sexxxy Eddy [2]1999/10/30Montreal, QC
Ravage2000/04/08Montreal, QC
Nixon Stratus 2000/04/08 Montreal, QC
Awarded by Ravage; renamed IWS Title in 00.
PCP Crazy F'N Manny2001/03/31Montreal, QC
Sexxxy Eddy [3]2001/10/06Laval, QC
Wins in a tag team match.
Green Phantom2002/05/18Laval, QC
Defeats Eddy, Arsenal, and PCP Crazy F'N Manny in an elimination match.
Dru Onyx2003/03/15Laval, QC
Arsenal2003/08/16Laval, QC
Pierre Carl Ouellet2004/01/17Montreal, QC
Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens)2004/06/15Montreal, QC
El Generico2004/06/15Montreal, QC
Franky The Mobster2004/11/20Montreal, QC
Defeats Steen, EXesS, Kurt Lauderdale, El Generico, and Pierre Carl Ouellet in a 6-man elimination match.
Sexxxy Eddy [4]2005/07/09Montreal, QC
Defeats Franky, Evil Ninja, and Arsenal in a steel cage elimination match.
eXceSs2005/08/20Montreal, QC
Viking2006/07/08Montreal, QC
PCP Crazy F'N Manny [2]2007/09/22Montreal, QC
Kevin Steen [2]2008/01/26Montreal, QC
El Generico [2]2008/02/16Montreal, QC
Kevin Steen [3]2008/03/22Montreal, QC
Defeats Generico and Max Boyer in a 3-way match.
Beef Wellington2009/01/10Montreal, QC
The Green Phantom [2]2010/03/06Laval, QC
Promotion closes on 10/10/09.