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Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers
Tag Team Title
(as of 2014/03/31)

Devil's Advocates: Glenn Spectre & Jake Garrett 2003/04/18 Erie, PA
Defeat Premiere Players: Daron Smythe & Dash Bennett to become the first champions.
Lunatic Fringe: Sebastian Dark & Shirley Doe (Anthony Ruttgaizer) 2003/05/23 Erie, PA
Devil's Advocates [2] 2003/06
Lunatic Fringe [2] 2003/06/20 Erie, PA
Vacant in 04.
Cleveland Mafia: Adam Cage & J-Rocc 2004/04/25 Erie, PA
Defeat 60% Chance Of Pain: Aaron Draven & Wicked; vacant in 04 when the promotion becomes inactive.
Entourage: Ethan Page & Joey Kings 2012/04/14 Toronto, ON
Defeat Checkmate: Christopher Bishop & Lionel Knight.
Checkmate: Christopher Bishop & Lionel Knight 2012/10/07 Toronto, ON
Carter Mason & Shane Sabre 2013/12/29 Scarborough, ON
Checkmate [2] 2014/03/31 Scarborough, ON

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