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Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2014/06/26)

Sebastian Dark 2003/05/23 Erie, PA
Defeats Shirley Doe in tournamnent final to become the first champion.
Chris Mamrick 2003/08/22 Erie, PA
Vacant in 03/09.
Matt Cross 2003/10/11 Erie, PA
Defeats Jerry Lynn; vacant in 04.
John McChesney 2004/04/24 Erie, PA
Defeats Rocky Reynolds in tournament final; vacant in 04 when the promotion becomes inactive.
Steve Corino 2007/11/03 Toronto, ON
Defeats John McChesney in an 8-man tournament final; promotion inactive after 08; Corino is again recognized as champion when the promotion resumes in 12/01.
Josh Alexander 2012/04/14 Toronto, ON
Vacates on 13/12/29 due to injury.
Ethan Page 2013/12/29 Scarborough, ON
Defeats John Greed in 4-man tournament final.

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