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Danno O'Mahoney 1935/07/30 Boston, MA, USA
Becomes the unified world champion; still recognized in Montreal after losing to Dick Shikat on 36/03/02 in New York, NY.
Yvon Robert 1936/07/13 Montreal, QC
Vic Christy 1938/03/03 Toronto, ON
Don McIntyre 1938/05/06 Buffalo, NY, USA
Vic Christy [2] 1938/05/13 Buffalo, NY, USA
Masked Marvel (Ted Cox) 1938/06/09 Toronto, ON
Mayes McLain 1938/09/29 Toronto, ON
Ted Cox [2] 1938/11/10 Toronto, ON
Title retired in 39.

* NWA World Heavyweight Title is recognized in Toronto afterwards.