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Last updated on 2016/05/10

Central Canadian Wrestling Alliance
Canadian Middleweight Title

Jack Diamond1951<
Claims to have brought the title from Quebec.
Ed Mangotich1952/09/16Richmond Hill, ON
Still champion as of 53/06; Diamond is still listed champion ni Keswick, ON as of 52/10/21.
Red Garner1954/06/09Toronto, ON
Tom Sullivan1954/11/30Thornhill, ON
Injured in an auto accident on 55/06/23.
Stoney Brooks 1955/06 *
Has "recently" defeated Sullivan (who is actually injured in an auto accident on 55/06/23).
Al Orlando1955/11/24<
Jack Diamond [2]1956/05/29Thornhill, ON
Al Orlando [2]1956/06/12Richmond Hill, ON
Gori Mangotich (Ed Mangotich) [2]1956/09/18Thornhill, ON
Harold Van Dyke1956/09/25Thornhill, ON
Substitutes for injured Orlando and defets Mangotich.
Ron Osborne1956/12/18Thornhill, ON
Stoney Brooks [2]1957/05/07Thornhill, ON
Ray Schrier1957/07Guelph, ON
Sometime after 57/07/19.
Stoney Brooks [3]1957/11/05Thornhill, ON
Al Orlando [3]1957/11/19Thornhill, ON
Juan Lopez1958/03/18Thornhill, ON
Jack Diamond [3]1958/10/07<
Gideon Gideen1959/03/10Thornhill, ON
Billy Foster1959/05/12Thornhill, ON
Al Orlando [4]1959/12/01Thornhill, ON
Still champion as of 60/02/16.
Karl Mueller1960/10/06<


* Special thanks to MapleLeafWrestling.com.