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BSE Pro Wrestling
Tag Team Title

Suicide Kidz: Cody 45 & Xtremo07/04/22Brampton, ON
Defeat James Champagne & Robert Roode to become the first champions.
TNT: El Tornado & Tyson Dux07/08/11North Bay, ON
Blackouts: Pierre Shadows & Vane08/02/09Milton, ON
TNT [2]08/05/09Timmins, ON
Defeat Blackouts and Suicide Kidz: Cody 45 & Xtremo in a 3-way match.
All Starters: Brent B & Johnny J08/08/10North Bay, ON
Assault & Battery: Kenneth Crises & Mike Alias09/08/16Wasaga Beach, ON
Ashley Sixx & Michael Elgin09/11/07Brampton, ON
All Starters [2]09/11/21North Bay, ON
Defeat Sixx & Elgin and Assault & Battery: Kenneth Crises & Mike Alias in a 3-way match; vacant on 09/12/05.

* Replaced with MPW Tag Team Title.

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