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Border City Wrestling
Television Title

Otis Apollo1995/06/23LaSalle, ON
Defeats Max Anthony to become the first champion.
Terry Richards1996/08/16LaSalle, ON
Vacant on 96/11/22.
Professor Maxwell1996/11/24Windsor, ON
Defeats Larry Brun.
Larry Brun1997/01Windsor, ON
Canadian Destroyer1997/02Windsor, ON
Bo Lewis1997/03/22Windsor, ON
Gene Miller1997/03/29Windsor, ON
Vacant on 97/06/21.
Brooklyn Brawler1998/04/03LaSalle, ON
Defeats Bobby Clancy; stripped on 03/03/06 for failure to appear.
Chris Sabin2003/03/06Oldcastle, ON
Defeats Jerry Lynn and Frankie Kazarian in a 3-way match.
Alex Shelley2004/09/19Windsor, ON
Chris Sabin [2]2005/01/21Oldcastle, ON
Petey Williams2005/04/17Belleville, MI, USA
Defeats Sabin and Alex Shelley in a 3-way match.
N8 Mattson 2006/07/15Windsor, ON