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Canadian Wrestling Federation
Tag Team Title

Models Inc.: Vance Nevada & Buggsy Sluggliano1996/09/26
Defeat Robby Royce & JT Atlas in tournament final.
Bobby Collins & Caveman Broda1996/10/10
Todd Bullet & Wildman Firpo1996/10/10
Steve Stryker & Caveman Broda1997/01/02
Vance Nevada & E. Z. Ryder1997/02/01
Brian Jewel & Ironman1997/02/27
Vance Nevada & JT Atlas1997/04/24
Defeat Ironman & Alx Rain, substituting for Jewel.
Buster Brody & Massive Damage1997/05/24
Vance Nevada & JT Atlas [2]1997/06/08
Chad Ripley & Yogi Donovan1997/06/19
The Metal Gods: Ironman & Steel Carnage1997/08/28
Vacant on 97/10/30 when Carnage is fired.
Bobby Collins & Todd Bullet1997/11/06
Brian Jewel & Tom Steele1997/11/06
Vacant when Steele leaves the promotion in 97/11.
Iron Man & Caveman Broda1997/12/14
Defeat Bobby Collins & Todd Bullit in tournament final.
Brian Jewel & Bobby Collins1998/02/05
Stripped on 98/03/20 after a controversial title win is revivewd.
Damage Inc.: Skar & Sledge1998/04/30Elmwood, MB
Defeat Alex Rain & Brother Midnight in tournament final.
E. Z. Ryder & Darren Daulton1998/06/13Garden City, MB
Vance Nevada & Todd Myers1998/07/25
Vacant in 98/08 when Navada is fired.
Damage Inc. [2]1998/09/26Winnipeg, MB
Mercenary & Spyder win a four corners match for the vacant title when Mercenary is not given a permission from a doctor to wrestle; title given to Damage Inc.
Crusher Carlsen & Ernie Todd1999/02/20Brandon, MB
Crusher Carlson & Spyder1999/03/06
Ernie Todd gives his half of the title to Spyder; stripped on 99/09/17 for no-show.
Robby Royce & Darren Dalton1999/09/17Winnipeg, MB
Defeat Charley Hayes & Todd Myers.
Brian Jewel & Alex Rain2000/03/11Ft. Garry, MB
The Bang Gang: Kool Daddy Swing & Dr. Love2000/05/13St. Vital, MB
Defeat Alex Rain & Brian Jewel and Spyder & E.Z. Ryder in a Triple Threat match; vacant in 00/06.
Gene Swan & Alex Rain2000/06/29Winnipeg, MB
Defeat Spyder & EZ Ryder and Stalingrad & Jerin Rose.
E.Z. Ryder & Spyder2000/08/23Elmwood, MB
Gene Swan & Darren Dalton2000/09/06Elmwood, MB
Stripped in 00/12.
Assisted Suicide: Hurricane Tatum & Rawskillz2000/12/09
Defeat Team Impact:Robby Royce & Darren Dalton.
Team Impact: Robby Royce & Darren Dalton2001/01/20St. Boniface, MB
Assisted Suicide2001/04/20Brandon, MB
Title vacant?
Team Impact: Darren Dalton & The Axe2001/06/17St. Boniface, MB
Defeat Assisted Suicide in a 4-team tournament final; vacant on 01/07/15 when the team leaves CWF.
River City Rebels: Bobby Collins & The Bullet2001/07/29St. Boniface, MB
Win a 4-team tag team elimination match against Overkill & Jamal Jones, Reggie Gallagher & Cory Diamond, and Caveman Broda & Curtis Youngbear.
Reggie Gallagher & Jamal Jones2001/10/28Winnipeg, MB
J. C. Derksen & Dean Ricktor2001/12/09Winnipeg, MB
Overkill & Big Cliff2001/12/29St. Boniface, MB
Defeat Derksen & Ricktor and Billy Blaze & Buddy Weiser.
JC Owens & Mad Bomber2002/03/08Winnipeg, MB
Defeat Overkill in a handicap match.
Overkill & The Big Kahuna2002/03/10Winnipeg, MB
Vacant due to Overkill's knee injury in 02/09.
Deadly Impact: Gene Swan & Brian Jewel2002/10/18Winnipeg, MB
Wins a 4-team match.
Deadly Impact: Killer Cox & Brian Jewel2003/04/18Winnipeg, MB
Defeat The Kamakazze Boyz: The Cassa Nova Kid & Mickey Miracle, Zero Tolerance: Rob Stardom & TJ Bratt, The Redneck Rebels, and Zack Mercury & Rick Matthews in a 5-team battle royal; stripped on 03/07/10.
Joey Blitz & Reggie Gallagher2004/05/07Winnipeg, MB
Defeat Pyro & Sensi Yoshi Tanaka, Shooter Shane & Donny Douglas, and Gibby Guerro & Dirty Sanchez; vacant on 04/06/05 due to the failure to appear for title defense.
Rob Stardom & Greach Gruesome2004/06/05Winnipeg, MB
Defeat Keenan Douglas & M.J. Shapiro.
Jean LaVernmay & Dusty Dumont2004/06/25Winnipeg, MB
Vacant on 04/08/30 when the team leaves the promotion.
Roadbock Jones & Steve Jaworski2005/01/09Winnipeg, MB
Defeat Shane Holmes & The Super Ninja, Trailer Park Boyz, and The Office in a 4-team elimination match; stripped on 05/03/10.
Canadian Extreme: J.T. Thorn & C.K. Sexx2005/03/10Black Rat Lake, SK
Defeat Kerry Brown & Kwang Chang.
Adrian Walls & Kerry Brown2005/07/01Dog Tooth, QC
Defeat Thorn & Squiggy Mcgoo, subbing for C.K.; vacant on 05/08/10 when Walls is fired; CWF leaves NWA and becomes an AWA affiliate in 05/08.
Blood Brothers: Wavell Starr & Steve Jaworski2005/10/08Wuskam Dam Lake, MB
Defeat Scrap Yard Dogs: Kerry Brown & Eddie Watts; vacant on 05/12/31 due to inactivity.
Canadian Extreme [2]2006/01/10Mikiwakatasitque, QC
Defeat Kwan Chang & Rip Impact.
Latino Connection: Kid Loco & Super Chato2006/11/14Hudson, ON
Defeat Thorn & Zack Mercury, subbing for C.K.; CWF leaves AWA in 07/04; stripped in 07.
Bobby Sharp & Seth Striker 2008/01/28 Caribou Lake, MB
Defeat Johnny Drezden & Chris Cruz.
Johnny Drezden & Chris Cruz 2008/01/29 Caribou Lake, MB
Bobby Sharp & Seth Striker [2] 2008/01/31 Bearskin, MB
Chris Cruz & Stratos 2008/02/01 Bearskin, MB
Defeat Bobby Sharp & Johnny Drezden.
Bobby Sharp & Seth Striker [3] 2008/02/04 Sachigo Lake, MB
Defeat Cruz & Johnny Drezden.
Chris Cruz & Stratos [2] 2008/02/05 Sachigo Lake, MB
Defeat Bobby Sharp & Johnny Drezden.
Bobby Sharp & Seth Striker [4] 2008/02/07 Keewaywin, MB
Defeat Cruz & Johnny Drezden.
Storm Stud Stable: Beautiful Bobby & Delicious Deryck 2008/08
Defeat Spicy Scotty & Sugar Shane.
Dance Mix Revolution: Jesse Bieber & Frankie Valentine 2012/01<
Promotion closes in 12/02.