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CWF Light Heavyweight Title ( 1996/05 - 1998 )
NWA Canadian Light Heavyweight Title ( 1998 - 1998/09 )

Bobby Collins96/05/24Dugald, MB
Defeats Caveman Broda.
Caveman Broda96/06/01Dugald, MB
Bobby Collins [2]96/07/01Dugald, MB
Todd Bullet96/07/01Dugald, MB
Bobby Collins [3]96/08/29Winnipeg, MB
Spice Richards97/01/16Winnipeg, MB
Chad Ripley97/01/30Winnipeg, MB
Unified with Canadian Junior Heavyweight Title when Ripley defeats J. T. Atlans on 97/02/27 in Winnipeg, MB.
Bobby Collins97/08/28
Eliminates rankie Starr in a battle royal; vacant in the same night when he loses a 30-day retirement match against Todd Bullit.
Frankie Starr97/08/28
Awarded as a result of being the last eliminated in battle royal.
Todd Bullit97/09/25
The Masked Avenger97/10/09
Bobby Collins [2]97/10/26
Iron Man98/01/08
Stripped for being over the weight limit.
Bobby Collins [3]98/01/22
Caveman Broda98/02/06
Bobby Collins [4]98/03/05
Vance Nevada98/03/15
Renamed NWA Canadian Light Heavyweight Title.
Alex Rain98/06/28
Hysteria [2]98/07/11
Vacant on 98/09/04 with the inception of NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Title.

* Replaced with NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Title.

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