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Canadian Wrestling Federation
Junior Heavyweight Title

Bobby Collins1996/02/17
Defeats Chad Ripley in tournament final.
Vance Nevada1996/04/03
J. T. Atlas1996/08/25
Vance Nevada [2]1996/09/04
Spice Richards1996/09/07
J. T. Altas [2]1996/11/07
Chad Ripley1997/02/28
Mike Myers1997/05/24
Alex Rain1997/06/05
Mike Myers [2]1997/07/03
Myers refuses to defend the belt and leaves the promotion with the title; CWF creates Light Heavyweight Title.
Vance Nevada (Mike Myers) [3] 1998/03/01
Returns with the Junior Heavyweight belt;unified with CWF Light Heavyweight title when Nevada defeats Bobby Collins; title renamed NWA Canadian Light Heavyweight title, which is abandoned on 98/09/04 with the inception of NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Title.
Tony McGuire1999/08/12
Defeats Plum Loco when title is reinstated.
Bobby Collins1999/11/06
Caveman Broda1999/11/27
Bobby Collins [2]2000/03/11Ft. Garry, MB
Defeats Caveman Broda and Mr. Sushi in a three-way dance.
Nikki Lyons2000/04/19Winnipeg, MB
Bobby Collins [3]2000/05/03Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Tod Bullet and Nikki Lyons in a triangle match.
Tod Bullet2000/06/28Winnipeg, MB
Ms. Ballbuster2000/09/20Elmwood, MB
J. C. Derksen2000/10/28St. Boniface, MB
Todd Bullet [2]2000/12/09St. Boniface, MB
Bobby Collins [4]2000/12/27Elmwood, MB
El Diablo de Jesus2001/01/20St. Boniface, MB
Defeats Collins, J. C. Derksen, and Todd Bullet in a 4-way match.
Bobby Collins [5]2001/05/12St. Vital, MB
Defeats Diablo and Todd Bullet in a 3-way match.
Cory Diamond2001/06/17St. Boniface, MB
Sexy Scotty Styles2001/10/28Winnipeg, MB
Cory Diamond [2]2002/02/01Winnipeg, MB
Bobby Collins [6]2002/04/12Winnipeg, MB
Justin Tyme2002/06/23Winnipeg, MB
Wins a 6-man death match against Collins, Floyd Osborne, Billy Cage, Kevin Cannon, and Cory Diamond; stripped on 03/03/22 when Tyme leaves the promotion.
Phoenix Dreamwalker2003/05/17Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Ryan Starr and Mickey Miracle in a 3-way match.
Ryan Wood2003/09/24Fort Garry, MB
Phoenix Dreamwalker [2]2003/10/15
Wood awards the title to Walker after Walker defeats Wood in previous week; stripped on 03/11/17 for missing a scheduled title defense.
Darrien Karisma2003/11/17Kehewin, AB
Defeats Scott Savage; vacates on 04/02/18 due to injury.
Danny Duggan2004/03/12Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Kris Kincaid.
Pyro2004/04/14Winnipeg, MB
Shane Holmes2004/05/07Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Pyro and Gibby Guerro in a 3-way match; vacant and abandoned on 05/04/01 when Homles leaves the promotion.