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Canadian Wrestling Federation
Hardcore Title

Charley Hayes #1999/10/29Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Bobby Jay to become WHIP/CWF Harcore champion; title vacant in 00.
Bobby Collins #2001/03/09St. Boniface, MB
Wins a hardcore battle royal.
Spyder #2001/04/21Winnipeg, MB
Title retired when CWF and WHIP end working relationship.
Madman Martin2001/06/09Red Lake, ON
Eliminates Big Kahuna in a battle royal to become first CWF Hardcore champion.
Baron Von Meanor2001/10/18Winnipeg, MB
Dr. Love2001/10/28Winnipeg, MB
Vacates on 02/02/01.
Bobby Collins2002/03/10Winnipeg, MB
Wins a battle royal.
Kevin Cannon2002/12/29Winnipeg MB
The Mini Machine2003/03/07Winnipeg MB
Defeats Kevin Cannon and Maxx Logan in a 3-way match.
The Big Machine2003/04/18Winnipeg, MB
A.J. Sanchez2004/03/12Winnipeg, MB
Wins a battle royal.
Spyder2004/06/05Winnipeg, MB