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Canadian Wrestling Federation
Heavyweight Title

Rex Havoc96/05/24
Defeats E. Z. Ryder; vacant in 98/10 for failing to defend title.
Robby Royce96/11/07
Defeats Brian Jewel in tournament final.
Bobby Jay97/02/28
Stripped in 97/05 after missing a title defense.
Robby Royce [2]97/07/03
Defeats Buggsy Sluggliano in tournament final.
Brian Jewel97/07/31
Mike Stone97/08/28
Bobby Jay [2]97/09/11
Tom Steele97/09/25
Title is held up because of a controversial decision
Mike Stone [2]97/10/26
Wins a battle royal.
Brian Jewel [2]97/12/18
Vacat on 98/04/30 due to a shoulder injury.
Bobby Jay [3]98/05/09Winnipeg, MB
Defeats E.Z. Ryder.
E. Z. Ryder98/05/22Seven Oaks, MB
Crusher Carlsen98/05/28Elmwood, MB
Charley Hayes98/07/26Regina, SK
The Mercenary98/09/25Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Darren Daulton and Charley Hayes in a triangle match
Darren Dalton99/01/06Winnipeg, MB
Brian Jewel [2]99/02/13
Vacates in 99/08 due to shoulder injury.
Robby Royce [3]00/03/11Ft. Garry, MB
Darren Dalton [2]00/06/28Winnipeg, MB
Robby Royce [4]00/08/23Elmwood, MB
Paul Diamond00/10/28St. Boniface, MB
Robby Royce [5]01/03/09St. Boniface, MB
Ernie Todd01/06/17
Royce returns the belt to Todd since he also holds NWA North American Heavyweight title.
Gene Swan01/09/28St. Boniface, MB
Stripped on 02/01/06 when Swan leaves CWF.
Bobby Collins02/05/26St. Boniface, MB
Wins a battle royal.
Dick Walker02/09/08Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Collins and Baron Von Meaner in a 3-way match.
Brian Jewel [4]03/03/07Winnipeg, MB
Stripped on 03/07/10.
Kenny Omega03/12/27Winnipeg, MB
Defeats T.J. Bratt in a 4-man tournament final.
Zack Mercury04/01/31Winnipeg, MB
Gibby Guerro04/06/04St. Laurent, MB
Steve Jaworski04/10/15Winnipeg, MB
Wins a an 18-man battle royal.
Kerry Brown05/01/09Winnipeg, MB
The Mauler05/06/24Whale Mountain, QC
Kerry Brown [2]05/08/13
Awarded back when the Mauler does not defend the title in rematch within 30 days; CWF leaves NWA and becomes an AWA affiliate in 05/08.
Wavell Starr05/09/17Lebret, SK
J.T. Thorn05/01/21Crane River, MB
Sammy Savard06/02/27Manitoba *
Kerry Brown [3]06/03/25Winnipeg, MB
Stripped on 06/10/12.
Ryan Wood06/10/12
Defeats Drako and Stallion in a handicap match; declared vacant on 06/11/01 as a result of protest filed by Kerry Brown.
Ricky Fontaine07/01/29Ontario *
Defeats J.T. Thorn.
J.T. Thorn07/02/06Ontario *
Kwan Chang07/02/17Manitoba *
CWF leaves AWA in 07/04; vacant in 08/08.
Kryss Thorn 12/01<  
Promotion closes in 12/02.

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