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Canadian Wrestling's Elite
Tag Team Title
(as of 2017/03/18)

Danny Duggan & Kenny Omega2010/05/21Winnipeg, MB
Defeat Arya Daivari & Shawn Daivari in tournament final to become the first champions.
Cliff Corleone & J.J. Sanchez2010/10/02Gillam, MB
Team Impact: Anderson Tyson Moore & Robby Royce2011/03/03Winnipeg, MB
Defeat Corleone & Sanchez, The Strip'N'Dales: Bobby Fox & Matt Fairlane in 3-way match; A.J. Sanchez & Rhyno defeat Team Impact on 11/06/19 in Winnipeg, MB but Team Impact is again recognized as champions as of 11/08/28.
Big Sexy Beasts: A.J. Sanchez & Kevy Chevy2012/04/20Winnipeg, MB
Sons of Anarchy: Cliff Corleone & Mike Mission2012/11/23Winnipeg, MB
Defeat Chevy in handicap match.
M-Max: Mentallo & Tyler Colton2013/03/16Winnipeg, MB
Defeat the Sons of Anarchy and Big Sexy Beasts: A.J. Sanchez & Kevy Chevy in 3-way match.
Saints of Los Angeles: Nate Hardy & Tommy Lee Curtis 2013/08/23Winnipeg, MB
Defeat M-Max and Big Sexy Beasts: A.J. Sanchez & Kevy Chevy in 3-way match.
Sons of Anarchy [2]2014/05/09Winnipeg, MB
Start wrestling as the Peg City Punishers in 14/06.
Billy Blaze & Dick Blood2014/10/17Winnipeg, MB
Pain & Punishment: Antonio Scorpio & Mr. Inkredible 2016/02/26 Winnipeg, MB
Cannon Clan: Bobby Collins & Rob Stardom 2016/09/30 Winnipeg, MB
Anderson Tyson Moore & Danny Duggan 2017/02/11 Winnipeg, MB
Bobby Collins & Jacob Creed 2017/03/18 Winnipeg, MB