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Canadian Wrestling's Elite
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2017/11/25)

A.J. Sanchez2010/02/07Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Kevy Chevy, Mentallo, and Petey Williams in tournament 4-way final to become the first champion.
Danny Duggan2010/09/28Winnipeg, MB
Mentallo2010/09/28Winnipeg, MB
Danny Duggan [2]2012/01/27Winnipeg, MB
Matt Fairlane2012/09/28Winnipeg, MB
Robby Royce2013/01/18Winnipeg, MB
Heavy Metal2014/02/21Winnipeg, MB
Danny Duggan [3]2014/07/25Winnipeg, MB
Jimmy Jacobs2015/01/16Winnipeg, MB
Vacant in 15.
Anderson Tyson Moore 2015/06/26 Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Bobby Jay, Danny Duggan, and Mike Mission in 4-way match.
Adam Knight 2016/09/30 Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Moore, Chase Owens, and Jason Kincaid in 4-way match.
Tyler Colton 2017/05/05Winnipeg, MB