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Open Rule Title

Rick Matthews2010/09/28Winnipeg, MB
Wins 10-man battle royal to become the first champions.
Paul Arcidi2011/03/03Winnipeg, MB
Bobby Jay2011/04/08Winnipeg, MB
Teams with Rick Matthews to defeat Arcidi in a handicap match.
U-Gene (Nick Dinsmore)2011/05/08Winnipeg, MB
Bobby Jay [2]2011/05/27Winnipeg, MB
Darren Dalton2011/06/21Swan River, MB
Moses Luke2011/10/02Winnipeg, MB
Paul Arcidi [2]2012/01/27Winnipeg, MB
Moses Luke [2]2012/04/20Winnipeg, MB
Danny Duggan2012/07/13Winnipeg, MB
Title retired on 12/08/18.

* Replaced with 123Approved.ca Television Title.