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Last updated on 2017/09/14

Canadian Women's Title

Virginia Downs # 1921/03/09<
Billed as champion in Miami, FL.

Lola Hart # 1947/06/23<
Billed as champion in Milwaukee, WI.

Alma Mills # 1959/01/19<
Billed as champion in Massachussets; still champion as of 60/05/10.

Kathy O'Brien 1965/08/04<  
Recognized in the Maritime Provinces.

Darlene Shields1972/07/08<
Recognized in Calgary.
Jane Doyle1977/07/08<
Recognized in Calgary.

Velvet McIntyre 1984<
Melissa Dahl1984/09<
Recognized in Vancouver.
Delta Dawn 1984/10/13 Cloverdale, BC
Defeats Black Rose.

Buffy Republic2002/04/26Surrey, BC
Vacant in 02.
Madison2002/06/12Schreiber, ON
Defeats Bam Bam Bambi.
Bam Bam Bambi2002/06/23St. Boniface, MB
Vacant on 05/06/06 when Bambi retires.