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Universal Wrestling Alliance
World Tag Team Title

Knight Riders: Harley & Bear 86/09/13
Defeat Rick Davis & Pat Brady.
Rick Davis & Pat Brady
J.R. Bundy & Ivan Gorky 86/10/18
Rick Davis & Billy Two Eagles 87/01/03 Cloverdale, BC
J.R. Bundy & Timothy Flowers 87/03/28 Cloverdale, BC
Timothy Flowers & Jonathan Sayers 87/05/02 Cloverdale, BC
Flowers defeats Bundy by DQ after the team splits.
Rick Davis & J.R. Bundy 87/05/09 Cloverdale, BC
Timothy Flowers & Ivan Gorky 87/06/06 Cloverdale, BC
The Frog (Terry Tomko) & Atomic Kid (Buddy Wayne) 87  
I-Ton & Dory Singh 88/01/02 Cloverdale, BC
The Frog & Atomic Kid [2] 88/01/23  
Verne Siebert & Rocky Dellaserra 88/02/20  
The team splits, and Dellaserra claims both belts.
Rick Davis & Rocky Dellaserra 88/04/02  
Vacant in 88.
The Frog & Buzz Grogan 88/10/08 Cloverdale, BC
Michelle Starr & Ivan Gorky 88/10/11  
Robotron & Olympian (Mike Roselli) 89/06  
Promotion closes in 89.

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