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Last updated on 2011/01/19

Northwest Tag Team Title

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Kurt Von Poppenheim & Andy Tremaine1952/09/10Vancouver, BC
Defeat Frank Stojack & Johnny Demchuk in tournament final.
Kurt Von Poppenheim & Johnny Cretorian1952
Cretorian replaces Tremaine?
Frank Stojack & Carl Engstrom1953/01/07Vancouver, BC
Kurt Von Poppenheim & Johnny Cretorian [2]1953/01/21Vancouver, BC
Vacant in 53.
Paul DeGalles & Tarzan Potvin1953/04/08Vancouver, BC
Defeat Bronko Lubich & Bud Rattal.
Danno Macdonald & David Johns1953/04/22Vancouver, BC
Glen Detton & Bill Fletcher 1953/08/26<
Pepper Gomez & Johnny Demchuck 1953/10<
Doc Gallagher & Ivan Kameroff1953/10/21Vancouver, BC
Pepper Gomez & Johnny Demchuck [2]1953/10/28Vancouver, BC
Doc Gallagher & George Gallagher1953/12/23Vancouver, BC
Pepper Gomez & Ivan Kameroff1953/12/30Vancouver, BC
Luther Lindsay & George Dussette 1954/03/27<
Buddy Knox & Buck Weaver 1954/09/29<
Jack Kiser & Jim Laroc1954
Ivan Kameroff & Boris Kameroff1954/11/03Vancouver, BC
Vacant in 55/04<.
Ivan Kameroff & Red Vagnone1955/04/20Vancouver, BC
Defeat Roger Mackay & Danno MacDonald in 4-team tournament final.
Tex McKenzie & Ken Kenneth1955/11/09Vancouver, BC
Defeat Sky Hi Lee & Al Mills.
Bob Wagner & Don Kindred1955/11/30Vancouver, BC
Vacant in 56.
Bob Wagner & Mighty Ursus1956/02/01Vancouver, BC
Defeat Ken Kenneth & Lu Kim (Rube Wright).
Stu Hart & Pat Meehan1956/09/26Vancouver, BC
Defeat Carl Redi & Kurt Von Poppenheim.
Stu Hart & Luigi Macera 1957/07/27Vancouver, BC
Defeat Buddy Knox & Kurt Von Poppenheim.
Nick Kozak & Bob Hess 1958/01/01 Vancouver, BC
Defeat Reginald Siki & Bob Lenz in tournament final.
George Strickland & Clair Robinson1958/04/02Vancouver, BC
Defeat Kinji Shibuya & Mitsu Arakawa in tournament final.
Kurt Von Poppenheim & Eric Von Himmler 1959/04/06 Vancouver, BC
Still champions as of 59/11.

* Replaced with NWA Pacific Coast Tag Team Title.

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