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International Championship Wrestling
Tag Team Title

Thunder & Lightning: Thunder Warrior & Buddy Wayne1997/04/26Cloverdale, BC
Defeat Gerry Morrow & Sumito to become first champions; held up after a match between Wayne and Gerry Morrow on 97/05/31 in Ooverdale, BC
New Karachi Vice: Gerry Morrow & Great Gama Singh1997/06/28Cloverdale, BC
Buddy Wayne & Sumito1997/09/27Cloverdale, BC
Buddy Wayne & Ed Moretti1998/03/28Cloverdale, BC
Win a 6-man tag match with Tim Flowers against Sumito, Ken Johnson, & Steve Rivers; vacant on 97/05/30 when when Moretti leaves the promotion.
Model Americans: Steve Rivers & Ken Johnson1998/07/25Cloverdale, BC
Defeat Buddy Wayne & Rocky Dellaserra.
Ken Johnson & Dr. Luther1998/09/26Cloverdale, BC
Rivers & Johnson defend the belts against Dr. Luther & Leviathan; Johnson pins Leviathan and Luther pins Rivers simultaneously.
Model Americans [2]1998/11/27Cloverdale, BC
Defeat Army of Darkness: Dr. Luther & Incubus.
Army of Darkness: Dr. Luther & Incubus1998
Buddy Wayne & Sumito [2]1999/01/30Cloverdale, BC
Vacant on 99/03/27.
Army of Darkness [2]1999/03/27Cloverdale, BC
Defeat Nikki Sixx & Layne Fontaine.
Vacant in 99/09<
Buddy Wayne & Ken Johnson1999/09/25Cloverdale, BC
Defeat Sumito & Chico Alvarez (Bryan Alvarez) in toumament final.
Chico Alvarez & Nikkie Sixx2000/02/26Cloverdale, BC
Win an 8-man tag team match.
The Chef & Avalanche2000/03/24Tacoma, WA, USA
Buddy Wayne & Richie Magnett2000/04/26Cloverdale, BC
Held up after a match against The Chef & Avalanche on 00/06/03 in Cloverdale, BC.
Mr. G.Q. & Urban Outlaw2000/11/17Tacoma, WA, USA
Chef & Avalanche2003/03/01<
Bones Mahoney & Sonny O'Meara2003/04/25Tacoma, WA, USA
Defeat the Chef & Avalanche.
Chef & Avalanche [2]2003/06/21<
Sometime after 03/05/31.
Tim Flowers & Li'l Nasty Boy2004/03/26Tacoma, WA, USA
Vacant in 04/07.
Tim Flowers & Avalanche2004/08/13Graham, WA, USA
Defeat New Chapter in tournament final.
Sonny O'Meara & Mike Santiago2004/10/08Seattle, WA, USA
Still champions as of 04/11/18.
Avalanche & Mr. G.Q. 2004/11/19 Tacoma, WA, USA
Win in a 6-man tag team match, teaming with Tim Flowers to face O'Meara & Santiago & Chef.
Chef & Sonny O'Meara 2004/12/03 Seattle, WA, USA
Vacant in 05/04.
Jason Jackson & Mike Santiago2005/05/13Tacoma, WA, USA
Defeat Rad & Marvelous Matt in tournament final.
Abdullah Nahal & Chef Hassan Akbahr2005/09/30Tacoma, WA, USA
Sloth & Chunk2006/01/27Tacoma, WA, USA
Sonny O'Meara & Rad2006/03/31Tacoma, WA, USA
Mike Santiago & Marvelous Matt 2006/05/19 Tacoma, WA, USA
Defeat Rad & Chris Del Sol; still champions as of 06/08/19.
Iron Buddah Jr. & Dean Da Drifter 2008/02/23Paulsboro, WA, USA
Defeat Master Nation.