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NWA Vancouver Island Heavyweight Title

Destruction1998/06/09Parksville, BC
Wins a battle royal.
Lumberjack Bubba1998/06/06Duncan, BC
Randy Tyler1998/11/08Cowichan Valley, BC
Stripped by NWA president Howard Brody in 98/11.
Lumberjack Bubba [2]1998/11/20Campbell River, BC
Michelle Starr1999/04/22Nanaimo, BC
Randy Tyler [2]1999/07/24Nanaimo, BC
Defeats Steve Rizzono; vacant in 99/10.
Steve Rizzino1999/10/01Victoria, BC
Wins tournament.
Mad Bomber1999/11/06Quesnel, BC
Ladies Choice2000/02/18Nanimo, BC
Rockford 20002001/07/27Victoria, BC
Still champion as of 02/01/26; inactive.
Sid Sylum 2007/12/01
Declares himself as the champion; has won the 2007 Vancouver Island Cup Tournament, defeating Kyle O’Reilly on 07/08/19 in Nanaimo, BC.
Cremator 2009/04/25 Nanaimo, BC
Azeem the Dream 2011/01/22 Victoria, BC
Jamie Diaz 2011/03/18 Surrey, BC
Azeem the Dream [2] 2011/04/29 Surrey, BC
B.J. Laredo 2012/12/01 Duncan, BC