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Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling ( 1996/08 - 1998 )
NWA Pacific Northwest ( 1998 - 2006/04 )
NWA Top Ranked ( 2006/04 - 2006/11 )
NWA Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling ( 2006/11 - 2012/01 )
Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling ( 2012/01 -   )
Tag Team Title
(as of 2017/08/12)

BBC: Randy Tyler & Mike Rosselli 1996/08Campbell River, BC
Army Of Darkness: Dr. Luther & Incubus 1997/12/26New Westminster, BC
Held up in 98/01.
Army Of Darkness [2]1998/02/20New Westminster, BC
Win a tournament; also billed as NWA Pacific Northwest Title after ECCW joins the NWA in 98.
Glamour Order of Discipline: Johnny Canuck & Michelle Starr 1998/07/18Surrey, BC
Defeat New Moondogs and the Portland Connection in a triangle match when Army Of Darkness no-show.
New Moondogs: Chomps & Manson 1998/08/28New Westminster, BC
Glamour Order of Discipline [2]1998/09/25New Westminster, BC
New Moondogs [2]1999/01/22Nanaimo, BC
Glamour Order of Discipline [3]1999/02/26New Westminster, BC
Biohazard & Juggernaut1999/03/26New Westminster, BC
Stripped in 99/08.
Player's Club: Steve Rizzono & Chance Beckett 1999/11/12New Westminster, BC
Defeat The BBC in tournament final.
Glamour Order of Discipline [4]1999/11/26New Westminster, BC
Defeat Player's Club and The Bushwhackers in Three Way match.
Juggernaut & Dr. Luther2000/03/27New Westminster, BC
Glamour Order of Discipline [5]2000/03/27New Westminster, BC
Ladies Choice & Layne Fontaine2000/09/15New Westminster, BC
Vacant on 01/02/23 when Choice turns on Fontaine.
Backwoods Militia: Pvt. Todd Kelly & Grunt 2001/04/27Surrey, BC
Tournament final over Chance Beckett & Rockford 2001.
Havoc & Scotty Mac2001/09/28Surrey, BC
Backwoods Militia [2]2002/02/15Surrey, BC
Michelle Starr & Bubba Canuck2002/06/15Vancouver, BC
Jungle Fever: Gorilla & Abbadon 2002/08/16Surrey, BC
Club International: Skag Rollins & Seth Knight 2002/10/25Surrey, BC
Larry Blackwell & James Watkins2002/12/27Hayward, CA, USA
Club International [2] 2002/12/28Hayward, CA, USA
Jungle Fever [2] 2003/06/27Vancouver, BC
Hot & Bothered: Cole Bishop & Kurt Sterling 2005/02/25Surrey, BC
Team Italia: Mike Roselli & Fabulous Fabio 2005/06/18Vancouver, BC
Stripped on 05/11/04 due to not being able to defend the title.
Hot & Bothered [2]2005/11/25Surrey, BC
Defeat Models Inc: Memphis Raines & MR2.
Chill Town: Scotty Mac & D.K. Roc 2006/01/20Vancouver, BC
Held up on 06/02/24 after a match against SCUM due to outside interference.
SCUM: Wrathchild & Killswitch 2006/03/31Surrey, BC
Defeat Scotty Mac & DK Roc; renamed NWA Top Ranked Title in 06/04.
Chill Town [2]2006/08/25Surrey, BC
Demons Rejects: Cremator & Abbadon 2006/10/27Surrey, BC
Renamed back to ECCW Title in 06/11.
Chill Town [3]2007/01/26Surrey, BC
Defeat Cremator in a handi-cap match.
Masked Dudes of Doom: El Phantasmo & Amazing Halo 2007/05/05Vancouver, BC
Greatness On Demand: Michelle Starr & Disco Fury 2007/07/27Surrey, BC
Team with Johnny Canuck and defeat Masked Dudes of Doom & Moondog Manson in a 6-man tag team match with title on the line.
Models Inc: Memphis Raines & MR2 2007/11/23Surrey, BC
SuperFunk: Fast Freddy Funk & Volcano 2008/02/02Vancouver, BC
Sid Sylum & Dropkick Murphy 2008/07/25 Surrey, BC
Nelson Creed & Kenny Lush 2008/10/04 Vancouver, BC
Pop Culture: Ice & Cole Bishop 2009/03/27 Surrey, BC
Azeem the Dream & Sid Sylum defeat Pop Culture and Scotty Mac & Dropkick Murphy in a 3-way match on 09/07/24 in Surrey, BC; NWA Pacific Northwest representative Mike Sweetser declares the title vacant on 09/08/01, claiming that the match is not officially for the title.
Billy Suede & Kenny Lush 2009/11/07 Vancouver, BC
Defeat Egos & Icons: Nick Price & Tony Baroni in tournament final.
Egos & Icons: Jamie Diaz, Tony Baroni, & Nick Price 2009/12/05 Vancouver, BC
Diaz & Baroni defet Suede & Lush.
Memphis & Pete Powers 2010/06/25 Surrey, BC
Declared vacant on 10/09/11 due to Memphis' shoulder injury.
Church of Divine Prophecy: Artemis Spencer & Divine Prophet 2010/10/29 Surrey, BC
Defeat Bollywood Lions: Gurv & Harv Sihra and Billy Suede & Alex Plexis in a 3-way match.
Danni Deeds & The Cremator 2011/01/08 Vancouver, BC
Bollywood Lions: Harv Sihra & Gurv Sihra 2011/03/18 Surrey, BC
Air Pirates/Riot: Alex Plexis & Ravenous Randy 2011/11/26 Port Coquitlam, BC
Plexis & Randy form the Riot with Nicole Matthews and Andy Bird on 12/01/28 and claim that any two members of the group can defend the title.
Administration: Scotty Mac & Michael Sweetser 2012/03/17 Aldergrove, BC
Riot [2] 2012/03/17 Aldergrove, BC
Administration: Jamie Diaz & Scotty Mac 2012/05/26 Vancouver, BC
Riot [3] 2012/10/27 New Westminster, BC
Defeat Diaz & Mac, Azeem the Dream & Ray Brooks, and Danni Deeds & Moondog Manson in 4-way match.
Administration [2] 2013/03/09 Vancouver, BC
Win a gauntlet match against the Riot: Randy Myers & Nicole Matthews, Bollywood Boyz: Gurv Sihra & Harv Sihra, Pete Powers & J_Sin Sullivan, Sid Sylum & The King of the Yukon.
Bollywood Lions [2] 2013/05/11 Vancouver, BC
American Guns: Ethan HD & Mike Santiago 2013/07/19 Surrey, BC
Bollywood Lions [3] 2013/11/02 Vancouver, BC
American Guns [2] 2014/01/18 Vancouver, BC
Defeat Bollywood Lions and the Riot: Nicole Matthews & Andy the Dreadful Bird in 3-way match.
Bollywood Boys: Harv Sihra & Gurv Sihra [4] 2014/04/12 Vancouver, BC
DTA: Jordie Taylor & Daniel Adonis 2014/08/23 Vancouver, BC
Jack Cunningham & Carl Cunningham 2014/12/06 Vancouver, BC
Defeat DTA: Jordie Taylor & Jamie Diaz, House of Hell, and Scotty Mac & Shreddz in 4-way match.
Bollywood Boys [5] 2015/07/11 Vancouver, BC
Defeat the Cunninghams and the BBC: Ladies Choice & Randy Tyler in 3-way match.
West Coast Express: Nelson Creed & Alex Plexis 2015/11/07 Vancouver, BC
Win an annual tournament, defeating the Bollywood Boys in a quarter-final and Jack Cunningham & Carl Cunningham in the final.
Good Brothers: Nick Pesky & Mike Everest 2016/05/14 Vancouver, BC
Wisemen: Billy Suede & Tony Baroni 2016/08/13 Vancouver, BC
Defeat the Good Brothers and the Bowling Club: Jonny Flynn & Lucky Strike Flynn in 3-way match.
Good Brothers [2] 2017/01/14 Vancouver, BC
Jack Cunningham & Carl Cunningham [2] 2017/01/21 New Westminster, BC
Repaired: Dr. Luther & Ravenous Randy 2017/02/11 Abbotsford, BC
Beauty & The Builds: Scotty Mac & Christina Von Eerie 2017/05/27 New Westminster, BC
Voros Twins: Chris Voros & Patrick Voros 2017/08/12 New Westminster, BC