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Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling Title
[open division]
(as of 2017/08/12)

Pete Powers 2012/01/27 Surrey, BC
Defeats El Phantasmo in tournament final; as announced on 11/12/23, ECCW Heavyweight Title is deunified from NWA Canadian Heavyweight Title to become ECCW Title, an open division championship; vacant on 12/04/15 when Powers cannot defend the title.
Sid Sylum 2012/04/27 Surrey, BC
Defeats Ethan H.D. in tournament final.
J_Sin Sullivan 2012/07/14 Vancouver, BC
Sid Sylum [2] 2012/10/27 New Westminster, BC
Cremator 2013/01/19 New Westminster, BC
Defeats Sylum, Moondog Mason, and Bishop in 4-way match.
MR2 2013/04/20 Port Coquitlam, BC
Defeats Cremator and Moondog Manson in 3-way match; stripped before the end of the night for paying off the the referee.
El Phantasmo 2013/07/06 Vancouver, BC
Defeats Ravenous Randy, Sid Sylum, & Tony Baroni in 4-way match.
Ravenous Randy (Randy Myers) 2014/01/18 Vancouver, BC
Bishop 2014/06/21 Vancouver, BC
Nicole Matthews 2014/08/23 Vancouver, BC
A female wrestler.
Bishop [2] 2014/10/04 Vancouver, BC
Nicole Matthews [2] 2015/01/17 Vancouver, BC
Artemis Spencer 2015/07/11 Vancouver, BC
Reigning holder of the Canadian Heavyweight Title, defeats Matthews, Billy Suede, and Ethan HD in 4-way match.
Scotty Mac 2015/08/15 Vancouver, BC
Spencer keeps Canadian Title but vacates it in 15/10.
El Phantasmo [2] 2016/01/16 Vancouver, BC
Kyle O'Reilly 2017/01/14 Vancouver, BC
Vacates on 17/02/05.
Nicole Matthews [3] 2017/03/04 Vancouver, BC
Defeats El Phantasmo and Tony Baroni in the 3-way final of Pacific Cup 2017 tournament.