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ECCW Hardcore Title

Moondog Manson1999/11/26New Westminster, BC
Defeats Ladies Choice in tournament final to become the first champion.
Ladies Choice1999/12/26New Westminster, BC
Moondog Manson [2]2000/04/08Kebowna, BC
Leatherface2000/04/11Fraser Lake, BC
Moondog Manson [3] 2000/04/17Dease Lake, BC
Notorious T.I.D.2000/09/15New Westminster, BC
Moondog Manson [4]2000/09/29New Westminster, BC
Juggernaut2001/02/09Hope, BC
Lumberjack Bubba2001/06/01Chilliwack, BC
Vacant in 01/06.
Billy Two Eagles2001/06/28Longview, WA, USA
Defeats Brian Bedlam.
Bruiser Bedlam2001/10/19Portland, OR, USA
Wrathchild2001/11/16Surrey, BC
Moondog Manson [5]2002/01/12Cloverdale, BC
Wrathchild [2]2002/02/23Nanaimo, BC
Prince Alladiin2002/03/01Surrey, BC
Moondog Manson [6]2002/03/15Surrey, BC
Father Juan 2002//03/29 Surrey, BC
Moondog Manson [7] 2002/04/26 Surrey, BC
Michelle Starr2002/07/19Port Coquitlam, BC
The Count2002/09/27Surrey, BC
Memphis Raines2002/12/27Surrey, BC
Dropkick Murphy2003/04/25Surrey, BC
Moondog Manson [8]2003/08/22Surrey, BC
Cremator2005/10/28Surrey, BC
Moondog Manson [9]2005/11/25Surrey, BC
Scotty Mac2007/03/03Vancouver, BC
Defeats Manson and Cremator.
Cremator2007/08/24Surrey, BC
Defeats Mac and Moondog Manson in a 3-way match.
Moondog Manson [10] 2008/05/30 Surrey, BC
Defeats Cremator and Prince Aladdin in a 3-way match.
Bishop 2009/10/30 Surrey, BC
Defeats Scott Steel, Volt Vegas, B.J. Laredo, Lumberjack Bubba, Ray Brooks, Manther, and Wrathchild in a "Hardcore Invitational".
Moondog Manson [11] 2010/01/29 Surrey, BC
Ravenous Randy 2011/03/18 Surrey, BC
Moondog Manson [12] 2011/06/24 Surrey, BC
Title retired on 11/07/29 when ECCW goes in a new direction without hardcore style.
Moondog Manson [13] 2011/10/28 Surrey, BC
Wins a 9-man "Fans Brings The Weapons Invitational" for the reactivated title.
Scotty Mac [2] 2011/12/30 Surrey, BC
Michael Sweetser 2012/01/27 Surrey, BC
Awarded by Mac.
Moondog Manson [14] 2012/03/24 Vancouver, BC
Still champion as of 13/10/12.