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Last updated on 2017/02/04

Pacific Coast Heavyweight Title
[British Columbia]

* Pacific Coast Junior Heavyweight Title was often billed
as the Heavyweight Title in the area until 1957.

D.H. Cameron 1889/03/21<  
Also billed as West Coast Title.

Dan McLeod 1889  
According to newspaper article by Mark Larkin in 1916/11.

Tom Davies 1897/11/30<  
Still/again champion as of 04/05/17; also billed as Pacific Northwest champion.

Duncan McMillan 1902/05/13<  
Billed as champion in Hamilton, ON.

Jack Forsgren 1935/04/09<  
According to Lethbridge Herald.

Andy Tremaine 1952/01/10<
Carl Engstrom 1954/02/10<  
Buddy Knox1954/03/24Vancouver, BC
Frank Stojack 1954/06/02<
Still champion as of 54/09/15.
Ed Francis 1957/06/05<  
Vacant in 57/06 upon leaving the territory.
Bob Cummings1957/06/12Vancouver, BC
Defeats Herb Freeman in tournament final; vacant in 58/05<.
Buddy Knox [2]1958/05/14Vancouver, BC
Defeats George Pancheff in tournament final.
Kurt Von Poppenheim 1958  

* See also NWA Pacific Coast Heavyweight Title.