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Canadian Rocky Mountain Wrestling
North American Tag Team Title

Sudden Impact:Chris Jericho & Lance Storm1992/10/17
Recognized as first champions
Brotherhood: Black Bart Steiger & Randy Rudd1993/01/16Calgary, AB
Sudden Impact [2]1993/01/23Calgary, AB
Vacant in 93/02 when Jericho & Storm leave the area.
U.S. Express: Steve Rivers & Ken Johnson1993/03/12Calgary, AB
Brotherhood [2]1993/09/17Calgary, AB
Vacant in 94 when Steiger leaves the area.
Steve Gillespie & Katana1994/05/22Calgary, AB
Defeat Jason the Terrible & Brad Young.
Sonny Corleone & Rob Austin1994/09/10Calgary, AB
Jason the Terrible & Randy Rudd1994/09/23Calgary, AB
Vacant in 94/10 when the team leaves the promotion.
S.S. Squad: Steve Wilde & Steve Gillespie1994/11/18Calgary, AB
Steve Gillespie & Freeze (Eric Freeze)1995/01/27Calgary, AB
Gillespie defeats Wilde after the team splis up and chooses Freeze as his new partner.
Wild Stallions: Steve Wilde & Black Bart Steiger1995/02/10Calgary, AB
Vacant in 95 when Wilde leaves the promotion; promotion closes in 95.