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Canadian Rocky Mountain Wrestling
Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Title

Lance Storm92/11/13Calgary, AB
Defeats Chris Jericho in 9-man tournament final to become first champion
Atomic Punk (Len St. Clair)93/01/29Calgary, AB
Lance Storm [2]93/01/30Standoff, AB
Atomic Punk [2]93/03/05Calgary, AB
Eric Freeze93/06/12Calgary, AB
Vacant on 93/11/12.
Jimmy Jordan93/11/19Calgary, AB
Defeats Steve Rivers.
Steve Rivers93/12/10Calgary, AB
Chris Jericho94/01/14Calgary, AB
Lance Storm [3]94/01/28Calgary, AB
Vacant in 94/02.
Steve Rivers [2]94/03/11Calgary, AB
Defeats Rob Austin.
Rob Austin94/03/18Calgary, AB
Steve Rivers [3]94/04/01Fernie, BC
Steve Gillespie94/04/08Calgary, AB
Sonny Corleone94/04/22Calgary, AB
Steve Rivers [4]94/05/13Calgary, AB
Sonny Corleone [2]94/06/10Calgary, AB
Steve Rivers [5]94/09/02Calgary, AB
Johnny Coultrain94/12/09Calgary, AB
Steve Rivers [6]95/01/20Calgary, AB
Super Kungo (Rob Austin)95/02/03Calgary, AB
Steve Rivers [7]95/02/10Calgary, AB
Steve Gillespie [2]95/02/24Calgary, AB
Vacant in 95/04.
Lance Storm [4]95
Chris Jericho [2]95/05/12Calgary, AB
Lance Storm [5]95/05/26Calgary, AB
Pitbull Kid95/09<
Promotion closes in 95.

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