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The Records of
AWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1984 <<

Rick Martel

01/06Rockford, ILJimmy GarvinW? (DQ)
01/08Salt Lake City, UTJimmy GarvinL (DQ)
01/13Rosemont, ILJimmy GarvinL (DQ)
01/13St Paul, MNJimmy GarvinL (DQ)
01/16Vancouver, BC, CANJimmy GarvinW
01/17Las Vegas, NVJimmy GarvinL (DQ)
01/18Denver, COJimmy GarvinW (DQ)
01/30San Francisco, CAJimmy GarvinL (DQ)
02/02Milwaukee, WIJimmy GarvinW (DQ)
02/10Denver, CO Jimmy GarvinW
02/11 Montreal, QC, CAN Sailor White W
02/12Quebec City, QC, CANKing TongaW
02/15Middleton, WIJimmy GarvinW
02/20San Francisco, CAJimmy GarvinW
02/21Salt Lake City, UTJim GarvinL (DQ)
02/22St. Paul, MNBob BacklundD (DCOR)
02/?? Quebec City, QC, CAN Sailor White W
03/04Vancouver, BC, CANJim BrunzellW
03/07Winnipeg, MB, CANJim GarvinW
03/08St Louis, MONick BockwinkelW
03/09Rosemont, ILJim GarvinW
03/14Baltimore, MDMr. SaitoW
03/15Passaic, NJJim GarvinW
03/16Oakland, CA Nick Bockwinkel (sub Jim Garvin)W
03/17Milwaukee, WIJim GarvinW
03/19Salt Lake City, UTJim GarvinW
03/20Setauket, NYKendo NagasakiW
03/22New York(, NY?)Kendo NagasakiW
03/23New Haven, CTJim GarvinW
03/24St Paul, MNJim GarvinW
03/28Winnipeg, MB, CANNick BockwinkelW
03/30Rockford, ILJim GarvinW
03/31Rosemont, ILNick BockwinkelW
04/05Salt Lake City, UTJim GarvinW
04/15Salt Lake City, UTJim GarvinW
04/18Washington DCBob BacklundW (COR)
04/19E. Rutherford, NJKing Tonga (Haku/Meng)W
04/20LaCrosse, WIKing Tonga
04/24Winnipeg, MB, CANMr. SaitoW
04/26Rockford, ILJim GarvinW
04/27Madison, WIKing TongaW
05/03Denver, COJim GarvinW
05/05Milwaukee, WINick BockwinkelW (pin)
05/12Minneapolis, MN Nick BockwinkelW
05/21Portland, OR Mike MillerW
05/23Winnipeg, MB, CANLarry ZbyszkoW
05/25Chicago, ILBuddy Roberts (sub King Tonga)W
06/07Salt Lake City, UTBilly RobinsonW
06/08Milwaukee, WINick BockwinkelL (DQ)
06/09St. Paul, MNMichael HayesL
Decision reversed afterwards
06/15Denver, COBilly RobinsonW
06/22E. Rutherford, NJNick BockwinkelW
07/14St. Paul, MNMichael HayesW (DQ)
07/18Winnipeg, MB, CANLarry ZbyszkoW
07/19E. Rutherford, NJNick BockwinkelW
07/20Chicago, ILMichael HayesW
07/27Atlantic City, NJMichael HayesW (DQ)
08/08Las Vegas, NVMichael HayesW (DQ)
08/09Salt Lake City, UTMichael HayesW
08/16E. Rutherford, NJLarry ZbyszkoW
08/17Landover, MDLarry ZbyszkoW
08/22Winnipeg, MB, CANBoris ZhukovL (DQ)
08/24Monroe, WIMichael HayesW
08/25Green Bay, WIMichael HayesW (pin)
08/26Boston, MANick BockwinkelD
09/08St. Paul, MNKamalaW (DQ)
09/13Denver, COMichael HayesW
09/14Milwaukee, WIMichael HayesW
09/19Winnipeg, MB, CANBoris ZhukovW (DQ)
09/20St Louis, MOJim GarvinW
09/28Chicago, ILStan HansenNC
09/29St. Paul, MNJumbo TsurutaW
10/12Nashville, TNJerry LawlerW (DQ)
10/15Anchorage, AKMichael HayesL (DQ)
10/21Tokyo, JPNRic FlairD (34:03 DCOR)
Double title match against NWA World champion
10/26Rockford, ILStan HansenW (DQ)
10/27St. Paul, MNStan HansenNC
11/05Utica, NYNick BockwinkelW
11/06Setauket, NYNick BockwinkelW (DQ)
11/14Winnipeg, MB, CANBoris ZhukovW
11/15Denver, COStan HansenD
11/22Brooklyn, NYKamalaW (DQ)
11/24Baltimore, MDKamalaW (DQ)
12/01Chicago, ILTerry GordyW
12/13San Francisco, CAJim GarvinW (DQ)
12/21Montreal, QC, CANJim GarvinW
12/25St. Paul, MNStan HansenW (DQ)
12/29E. Rutherford, NJStan Hansen L

>> 1986

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