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Last updated on 2013/05/05

The Records of
AWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1981 <<

Nick Bockwinkel [2]

01/03Milwaukee, WIGreg GagneL (DQ)
01/05Omaha, NEJim BrunzellW
01/20Fargo, NDBaron Von RaschkeW
02/04Tokyo, JPNJumbo TsurutaD (18:44 DCOR)
02/10Milwaukee, WIGreg GagneL (DQ)
02/27Chicago, ILHulk HoganL (DQ)
02/28Minneapolis, MNTito SantanaNC
03/04Winnipeg, MB, CANTito SantanaW
03/14St. Paul, MNTito SantanaW
03/18Oakland, CAPat PattersonW
03/26Houston, TXTommy Rich W (DQ)
03/30Omaha, NEJim BrunzellL (DQ)
04/07Sioux City, IATito SantanaL (DQ)
04/10Denver, COGreg GagneNC
04/12Sacramento, CATito SantanaNC
04/15Winnipeg, MB, CANTito SantanaNC
04/16Houston, TXDick SlaterW
04/17Milwaukee, WIBaron Von RaschkeW
04/18St. Paul, MNHulk HoganL (DQ)
04/24Chicago, ILHulk HoganW (DQ)
04/25Toronto, ON, CANAngelo MoscaL (DQ)
04/26Ottawa, ON, CANJay YoungbloodW
05/02Green Bay, WIHulk HoganL (DQ)
05/06Oakland, CAHulk HoganL (DQ)
05/13Winnipeg, MB, CANTito SantanaW
05/14Houston, TXJunkyard DogL (DQ)
05/18Omaha, NEGreg GagneL (DQ?)
05/21Schofield, WITito SantanaW
05/28Denver, COHulk HoganL (DQ)
06/06Milwaukee, WIHulk HoganL (DQ)
06/11Houston, TXJunkyard Dog
06/20St. Paul, MNHulk HoganL (DQ)
06/25Peoria, ILDick the BruiserW (DQ)
07/02Houston, TXRicky MortonW
07/04San Antonio, TXScott CaseyL (DQ)
07/09Calgary, AB, CANBret HartW (COR)
07/12Hobbema, AB, CANKeith HartW
07/13Regina, SK, CANMr. HitoL (DQ)
07/18Edmonton, AB, CANDavid SchultzW (DQ)
07/22Oakland, CAHulk HoganW (DQ)
07/24Chicago, ILDick the BruiserNC
07/25Green Bay, WIHulk HoganL (DQ)
07/30Houston, TXDick SlaterW (DQ)
08/07Denver, COHulk HoganL (DQ)
08/14Houston, TXDick SlaterW
08/21St. Petersburg, FLSweet Brown SugarW
08/29St. Paul, MNOtto Wanz L

Otto Wanz

09/12Green Bay, WIKen PateraL (DQ)
09/16Oakland, CANick Bockwinkel W
09/17Denver, CONick Bockwinkel W (17:23)
09/18Milwaukee, WINick Bockwinkel W
09/19St. Paul, MNNick Bockwinkel W
09/23Winnipeg, MB, CANNick Bockwinkel W
09/28Salt Lake City, UTJerry BlackwellW (DQ)
10/09Chicago, ILNick Bockwinkel L

Nick Bockwinkel [3]

10/15Denver, COAndre the Giant
10/21Winnipeg, MB, CANJim BrunzellW (DQ)
10/22Houston, TXTony AtlasW
11/10Winnipeg, MB, CANAndre the GiantL (DQ)
11/13Rockford, ILJim BrunzellL (DQ)
11/14Green Bay, WIRick MartelD (DCOR)
11/15Rapid City, SDBaron Von RaschkeW
11/18Sioux City, IABaron Von Raschke
11/19Houston, TXTony AtlasL (DQ)
11/20Chicago, ILTito SantanaD
11/25St Paul, MNRick MartelNC
11/26Denver, CORick MartelNC
11/27San Francisco, CABaron Von RaschkeW
11/28Milwaukee, WITito SantanaW
12/06Salt Lake City, UTJim BrunzellW
12/12Green Bay, WIRick MartelNC
12/17Denver, CORick MartelW
12/18Chicago, ILTito SantanaW
12/26Houston, TXJohnny RichW
12/27Memphis, TNJerry LawlerL
Held up after the match.
12/28Oakland, CATito SantanaW (COR)

>> 1983

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