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Last updated on 2013/05/05

The Records of
AWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1979 <<

Nick Bockwinkel

01/04LaCrosse, WIMad Dog VachonL (DQ)
01/08Peoria, ILGreg GagneL (DQ)
01/13St. Paul, MNCrusher LisowskiW
01/26Rockford, ILCrusher LisowskiL (DQ)
01/30Omaha, NEMad Dog VachonL (DQ)
02/07Winnipeg, MB, CANDino BravoL (DQ)
02/09Chicago, ILDick the BruiserD (DCOR)
03/13Seguin, TXWahoo McDaniel
03/14 San Antonio, TX Scott Casey W
03/31Tokyo, JPNKintaro Ohki (Kim Il)D (1-1)
04/05Denver, COCrusher Lisowski
04/07Omaha, NEMad Dog VachonW
04/12Rockford, ILGreg GagneL (DQ)
04/20Milwaukee, WICrusher LisowskiNC (17min)
04/26Austin, TXScott CaseyW
04/30Ottawa, ON, CANGreg GagneW
05/01Winnipeg, MB, CANCrusher LisowskiW (DQ)
05/04Minneapolis, MNMad Dog VachonW (DQ)
05/05Memphis, TNBill DundeeW (DQ)
05/09Denver, COMad Dog VachonW
05/10Chicago, ILDick the BruiserW (COR)
05/10Rockford, ILDino BravoNC
05/11Milwaukee, WICrusher LisowskiL (18:35 DQ)
05/31San Antonio, TXTom Jones
06/10Peoria, ILMad Dog VachonW
06/15Green Bay, WIMad Dog VachonW (15:45)
06/20Denver, COCrusher LisowskiL (11:42 DQ)
06/22Minneapolis, MNJumbo TsurutaL (20:05 DQ)
06/28Omaha, NEGreg GagneW (DQ)
07/09Duluth, MNCrusher Lisowski
07/10Winnipeg, MB, CANDino BravoW
07/13Green Bay, WIMad Dog VachonW (18:10 COR)
07/14Ottawa, ON, CANGreg GagneW (COR)
07/18Chicago, ILVerne GagneL

Verne Gagne [10]

11/08Chicago, ILBilly RobinsonNC
12/05Denver, COJesse VenturaW (DQ)
12/12St. Paul, MNJerry BlackwellW

>> 1981

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