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World Wrestling All-Stars
International Cruiserweight Title

Juventud Guerrera2001/10/19Perth, WA
Defeats Psicosis to become the first champion; vacates in the same month to allow another event to crown a new champion.
Juventud Guerrera [2]2001/10/26Sydney
Defeats Psicosis.
Psicosis2001/12/08Glasgow, GBR
Eddie Guerrero2002/02/24 Las Vegas, NV, USA
Vacant when Guerrero leaves for WWE.
A.J. Styles2002/04/13Melbourne
Defeats Jerry Lynn in a tournament final; vacant.
Jerry Lynn2003/05/21Sydney
Defeats Chris Sabin in a tournament final.
Chris Sabin2003/05/25Auckland, NZL
Wins a 4-corners match against Lynn, Johnny Swinger, and Frankie Kazarian to unify the title with the TNA X Division Title.

* See TNA X Division Title.