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International Wrestling Australia
Trans Tasman Title
(as of 2017/07/15)

Billy Cole2000/11/03Sydney
Defeats Mehdi Basiri in tournament final.
Rob Matrix2001/02/04Bankstown, NSW
Billy Cole [2]2001/02/17Batemans Bay, NSW
Rob Matrix [2]2001/03/28Kensington, Sydney
Gregory Pexx2001/04/20Goulburn, NSW
Z.Z. Hook2001/05/03Yamba, NSW
Brian Cavanaugh2001/06/08Wyong, NSW
Andrew Bumthorne2001/06/24Dee Why, Sydney
Gregory Pexx [2]2001/06/24Dee Why, Sydney
Billy Cole [3] and Mark Mercedes2001/09/07Ettalong, NSW
Co-champion, defeating Pexx.
Rob Matrix [3]2001/09/21Newtown, Sydney.
Declared vacant after a match against Mark Mercedes on 01/10/20 in Forbes, NSW ends as no contest.
Kathryn Nixxon2001/10/27Gulgong, NSW
Jack Thunder2002/01/12Coffs Harbour, NSW
Billy Cole [4]2002/01/13Taree, NSW
Chief Livai2002/01/27Port Macquarie, NSW
Billy Cole [5]2002/02/09Tumbi Umbi, NSW
Leif Jeffries2002/03/22Goulburn, NSW
Rob Matrix [4]2002/07/07Burwood, NSW
Billy Cole [6]2002/07/27Orange, NSW
Phil Picasso2002/08/21Lake Jindabyne, NSW
Billy Cole [7]2002/08/30Tumbi Umbi, NSW
Rob Matrix [5]2002/09/01Revesby, NSW
Mark Mercedes [2]2002/09/22Sydney
Z.Z. Hook [2]2002/09/29Sydney
Leif Jeffries [2]2003/01/14Port Macquarie, NSW
Bud Caid2003/03/14Dubbo, NSW
Leif Jeffries [3]2003/04/11Campbelltown, NSW
Bud Caid [2]2003/06/21Tumbi Umbi, NSW
Leif Jeffries [4]2003/07/18Wagga Wagga, NSW
Rob Matrix [5]2003/09/21Sydney
Stephan Cool2003/09/24Melbourne
Rob Matrix [6]2003/09/28Melbourne
Stripped in 03/10.
Bud Caid [3]2003/10/24
Defeats Chief Livai for title.
Kasey Jackson2004/01/09Lismore, NSW
Brad Phoenix2004/03/12Forbes, NSW
Tommy Tamati2004/03/14Mudgee, NSW
Brad Phoenix [2]2004/03/19Tamworth, NSW
Brett Brady2004/09/10Hornsby, NSW
Tyson Gibbs 2005/01/08 Tweed Heads, NSW
Chief Livai [2] 2005/04/15 Toukley, NSW
Tyson Gibbs [2] 2005/06/17 Wyong, NSW
Jason Helton 2005/07/21 Armidale, NSW
Tyson Gibbs [3] 2005/07/24 Scone, NSW
Bud Caid [4] 2005/08/06 Gloucester, NSW
Tyson Gibbs [4] 2005/11/25 Maitland, NSW
Salem 2006/01/05 Coffs Harbour, NSW
Phil Picasso 2006/05/04 Condobolin
Matt Sarge 2006/07/08 Burwood, NSW
Rob Matrix [7] 2006/10/06 Doyalson, NSW
Johnny Dunas 2006/12/01 Coogee, NSW
Tyson Gibbs [5] 2007/04/20 Hornsby, NSW
Brett Brady [2] 2007/12/24 Sydney
Air date; actual date unknown; still champion as of 08/04/22.
Matt Sarge [2] 2008/11/28<
Luke Hunter 2011/01<
Bronson King 2011/01/09 Chermside, QLD
Apollo 2015/07/04 Dubbo, NSW
Defeats Randal in tournament final.
Randal 2016/01/10 Laurieton, NSW
Paris De Silva 2016/10/14 Penrith, NSW
Defeats Randal, Chris Abbott, Josh Gatt, and Keegan Brettle in 5-way match.
Keegan Brettle 2017/01/04 Froster, NSW
Paris De Silva [2] 2017/02/24 Hornsby, NSW
Chris Abott 2017/04/08 St. Johns Park, NSW
Defeats De Silva and Jackson Kelly in 3-way match.
Jackson Kelly 2017/07/06 Dee Why, NSW
Chris Abott [2] 2017/07/28 Hillvue, NSW
Jackson Kelly [2] 2017/10/13 Penrith, NSW