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International Wrestling Australia
Tag Team Title
(as of 2011/02/11)

Cheap Heat: Bumthorne & Schwanker00/11/03Kensington
Defeat Dark Carnies: Pogo & Loco to become the first champions.
Dark Carnies: Pogo & Loco00/11/19Dapto
Bad Karma: Bud Caid & Leif Jeffries01/02/17Batemans Bay
Dark Carnies [2]01/03/09Young
Bad Karma [2]01/04/20Goulburn
Flying Phoenix Brothers: Brad & Dan01/05/26Tumbi Umbi
Bad Karma [3]01/06/08Wyong
Brotherhood: Chief Livai & Z.Z. Hook01/08/09Sydney
Bad Karma [4]01/08/22Newcastle
Supercool: Schwanker & Hook01/09/07Ettalong Beach
Bad Karma [5]01/09/14Kempsey
Supercool [2]01/09/16Taree
Bad Karma [6]01/10/11Bathurst
New Crew: Billy Cole & Mark Mercedes01/12/16Dee Why, Sydney
Bad Karma [7]02/01/12Coffs Harbour
Johnny Acid & Dan Kamikaze02/01/13Taree
Bad Karma [8]02/01/19Woodburn
Johnny Acid & Dan Kamikaze [2]02/01/20Tweed Heads
Dark Carnies [3]02/02/24Albury
Johnny Acid & Dan Kamikaze [3]02/03/22Goulburn
Cheap Heat [2]02/04/11Campbelltown
Dark Carnies [3]02/09/06Campbelltown
Simply Delicious: Bumthorne & Z.Z. Hook02/12/14Coogee
Anti Australians: Silent Luke & Bud Caid03/04/12Doyalson
Simply Delicious [2]03/06/06Woy Woy
Mungrels: Crazydog & Steve T03/07/13Burwood
Simply Delicious [3]03/10/18Blacktown
Top Guns: Brett Brady & Bud Caid03/05/16Blacktown
Da Island Boyz: Chief Livai & D-Force04/06/04Coogee
Top Guns [2]04/06/11Revesby
New Top Guns: Brad Phoenix & Bud Caid04/09/10Hornsby
BC’s: Richter Mosseburger & Bud Caid 05/06/17
Mosseburger replaces Phoenix; stripped in 06/06.
Rough Riders: Angus McLoud & John Marshall 07/10/08 Burwood
Air date; actual date unknown.
Matrix & Johnny Dundas 07/12/24 Sydney
Air date; actual date unknown; still champions as of 08/04/22.
Rough Riders [2] 08/11/28<
Adam Archer & Dementor 09/06<
Birdman & Mike Vandal 09/06/10 Forbes
The Captain & Luke Hunter 09/06/12 Orange
Hydro & Adam Hoffman 11/02/11 Wyong
Defeat Ethan Hughes & Dementor.

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