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Explosive Pro Wrestling
Tag Team Title
(as of 2014/04/21)

FN Carnage & Jamie Jurah2003/05/30Wanneroo
Defeat Storm Davis & Billy Payne to become first Explosive Coastal Wrestling champions; renamed EPW Title in 03/06.
Brad West & Justin Sane 2004/01/10Wanneroo
Genetically Superior Team: Bobby Bad Blood & Chris J. Lazareth2004/11/06Wanneroo
Davis Storm & Nate Dooley2005/10/01Maylands
Vacant on 05/11/12 when a match against Genetically Superior Team: Bobby Bad Blood & Chris J. Lazareth ends with a double pinfall.
Genetically Superior Team [2]2006/02/11Maylands
Defeat Storm Davis & Nate Dooley.
Forefathers: Davis Storm & Hartley Jackson2006/05/27Maylands
Vacant on 07/05/04 after a gauntlet match against Chris Vice & Devlin Reeves, the European Union: Marcius Pitsonopolous & Michael Morleone, and the Fighting Hellfish: Chris J. Lazareth & FN Carnage ends as no contest.
Fighting Hellfish: Chris J. Lazareth & FN Carnage2007/05/05Maylands
Defeat the Forefathers: Davis Storm & Hartley Jackson.
Drake Wallace & Ferguson Block2007/08/25Maylands
Fighting Hellfish [2]2007/11/03Maylands
European Union: Marcius Pitsonopolous & Michael Morleone2008/02/16Maylands
Chase Griffin & Dan Moore2008/04/17Maylands
Defeat Ferguson Block & Azazal, Penhero Vin & Sebastian Sander, and European Union in a 4-way match.
Alex Kingston & Shane Haste2009/03/21Queens Park
Carlo Cannon & Slex2009/05/30Perth
Mikey Nicholls & Shane Haste2009/11/07Craigie
Chris Vice & Jonny Wimbledon2010/07/10Queens Park
Team Allstar: Michael Morleone & Sebastian Sander2011/02/26Balcatta
A.Z. Vegara & Jay Taylor2011/05/14Balcatta
Barry Schmidt & Garry Schmidt2012/04/14Bassendean
Jamie Jurah & Jimmy Payne 2012/08/25 Bassendean
Chase Griffin & Dan Moore [2] 2013/01/19 Bassendean
Jay Taylor & Kiel Steria 2013/07/06 Bassendean
Defeat Moore in a handicap match.
The Mighty Dont Kneel: Marcius Pitt & Jonah Rock 2013/11/02 Bassendean
Defeat Steria & Taylor, The Dropkicks, and McMassive in 4-way match.

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