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Australasian Wrestling Federation
Young Lion's Title

Billy Flyswat 2004/07/04Bathurst
Defeats Kid Dynamite in a tournament final.
Kid Dynamite2004/11/05Campbelltown
Scotty Club2005/05/28Campbelltown
Vacates in 06/02 due to injury.
Defeats Billy Flyswat and The Captain in a 3-way match.
Mislead Youth (Jay Law)2006/05/06Campbelltown
Declared himself as Jay Law in first title defense.
Scotty Club2006/09/16Campbelltown
Powerhouse Theo2007/03/23Cardiff
Jay Law [2]2008/01/19Blacktown
Bluey Bonza2008/08/30Campbelltown
Zander Bathory2009/03/07Blacktown
Mick Moretti2009/10/10Wallsend
Robbie Barnes 2010/10/17 Campbelltown
Jay Law [3] 2011/05/21 Minto
Spaceboy Dacey 2011/10/08 Parramatta
Diego Del Fuego 2012/05/12 Sydney
Detective Magnum Holmes 2012/08/04 Sydney
Vacant in 13 when Holmes cannot defend within 90 days.

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