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Australasian Wrestling Federation
Australasian Tag Team Title
(as of 2014/06/13)

Platinum Players: Kid Dynamite & J.T. Robinson2007/05/25S. Brisbane, QLD
Defeat Billy Flyswat & Chris X to become the first Australian champions; renamed Australasian Title in 07/07.
Surf Club: Adam Hoffman & Scotty Club2007/08/25Blacktown, NSW
Swat Team X: Chris X & Billy Flyswat2008/05/03Blacktown, NSW
Freakshow: Massive Q & Toxin2008/10/24Campbelltown, NSW
Gosford Giddyups: Billy Flyswat & Max Comic2009/04/18Sydney
Still champions as of 09/10/05.
Team Astronomy: Jason Dacey & Rob Best2009/10/09Campbelltown, NSW
Win a 4-way elimination against Gosford Giddyups, Bathory & Rigga Mortis, and Cornershop Connection: Traffic & Frankie Fettucini.
Cornershop Connection: Traffic & Frankie Fettuccini 2009/11/14 Niagara Park, NSW
Win by default after Rob leaves the promotion.
Party Trix: Illusionist & D.J. Fusion 2010/10/17Campbelltown, NSW
Linstrom & Falco 2012/06/29 Penrith, NSW
Dean Draven & Gladiator Apollo 2012/06/29 Penrith, NSW

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