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Australian Light Heavyweight Title

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Joe Kaytos1940/01<Sydney
Bern Tamplin1943/05/08Sydney
Defeats Alf Vockler; title vacant sometime after 47/05/14.
Alan Pinfold1953/01/17Leichhardt
Defeats Alf Greer; vacates in 53/02 when Pinfold leaves for India.
Alf Greer1953/02/14Leichhardt
Defeats Snowy Dowton.
Allen Sherry1953/03/05Leichhardt
Vacant in 59.
Haji Baba1959/10/03Leichhardt
Defeats Ray Green in tournament final.
Con Tolios1960/03<Sydney
Haji Baba [2]1960Sydney
Con Dandos1960Sydney
Allen Sherry [2]1960Sydney
Con Tolios [2]1960Sydney
Col Peters1960
Alan Pinfold [2]1960
El Greco1962/01/13Melbourne
Defeats Bruce Arthur.
Bruce Milne1962/07/21Melbourne

Alan Pinfold [3]1974/10/04Sydney
Defeats Ken Medlin.
Ken Medlin1974/11/01Sydney
Harold Kalevoris1976/09/18Melbourne
Mike Dallas1977/02/05Melbourne
Ken Medlin [2]1977/03/26Melbourne
Promotion closes in 78/12.

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