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All Action Wrestling
Australian Women's Title ( 2009/09 - 2014 )
Women's Title ( 2017/08 -   )

Imogen Jane2009/09/05Warnbro, WA
Defeats Lee'Ann at "Eruption 2009" to become the first champion.
Michelle2009/10/03Warnbro, WA
Imogen Jane [2]2010/01/15Warnbro, WA
Mighty Mel2010/09/04Warnbro, WA
Imogen Jane [3]2010/10/23Secret Harbour, WA
Savannah Summers2010/11/13Warnbro, WA
Imogen Jane [4]2011/04/16Warnbro, WA
Storm2012/04/14Warnbro, WA
Imogen Jane [5]2012/08/17 Sale, VIC
Pandora 2012/10/13 Armadale, WA
Teams with Chris Target to defeat Jane & Craven; still champion as of 14/08/30.
Alexis Lee 2017/08/26 Claremont, WA
Defeats Katie Forbes for the vacant title.
Roxy Ryot 2018/01/20Warnbro, WA