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All Action Wrestling
Tag Team Title
(as of 2017/04/22)

Killah & Bravo Tarir2010/01/15Warnbro, WA
Defeat Corvus Blade & J.C. Blade to become the first champions.
Corvus Blade & J.C. Blade2010/04/17Warnbro, WA
Defeat Killah & Bravo and Dustin Dice & Percy in a 3-way match.
Craven & Joey Angel2010/11/21Rockingham, WA
Joey Angel & Bravo Tarir2011/02/19
Bravo replaces Craven, who has turned on Angel on 11/01/17.
Chris Target & Killah2011/04/16Warnbro, WA
Defeat Angel & Bravo Tarir, B-Money & Josh Page, and Jay Stephens & Chris Stephens in gauntlet match.
B-Money & Josh Page2012/04/14Warnbro, WA
B-Money & Just Jordan2012/09/08Warnbro, WA
Defeat Page in handicap match after B-Money and Page split.
Josh Page & Tyler Throne2012/11/24Warnbro, WA
Defeat B-Money & Jordan, Corvus Blade & J.C. Blade, and Craven & Hayden Zenith in a gauntlet match.
Casey Hanson & Joey Angel 2013/03/09 Warnbro, WA
Defeat Page & Throne, B-Money & Just Jordan, and J.C. Blade & Corvus Blade in 4-wat match; still champions as of 13/05/31; match against Tyler Throne & Mr. Pisani on 13/06/01 in Perth, WA ends as no contest; vacant as of 13/09.
The Foundation: Chris Target &The Shark (Andrew Carter) 2013/11/23Warnbro, WA
Defeat Paul London & Brian Kendrick.
Casey Hanson & Joey Angel [2] 2014/07/19 Warnbro, WA
Scotty 2 Hotty & Dallas Knight 2015/03/21 Rockingham, WA
Defeat Hanson & Angel, Ricardo Rodriguez & Delhi Dud Singh, Zac & Kegan Brettle, Julio & Just Jordan, and Eric Owens & Felix Young.
DEA: Delhi Dud Singh & Eric Owens 2015/06/27 Warnbro, WA
Defeat Knight in handicap match.
Manila Boize: Julio & Killah 2015/11/28 Warnbro, WA
DelCody: Del Cano & Cody Wilson 2016/06/25 Warnbro, WA
James Grace & Marshall Davids 2017/02/25 Port Kennedy, WA